Friday, May 16, 2008

Gameplay Controls:

Mouse Movement - controls/moves your pointer

Left Mouse Button:

  • Left click on an available toy in your toolbox to select that toy
  • Left click on the rotate button to rotate your selected toy
  • Left click in the game playfield to drop/create your selected toy
  • Left click on keys to collect them
  • Left click on the magic toy chest to open it (when all keys collected)
  • Left click on a toy (with action button selected) to activate a toy

Right Mouse Button - Right click on an unlocked toy to return it to your toolbox (also selects picked up toy)

Mouse Wheel: - move the wheel up/down to add/subtract cars to the toy train before you place it

Arrow Keys - press an arrow key to adjust the orientation of your selected toy before you place it

'R' - Key - Reloads/Restarts a Level

'S' - Key - Skips to Next Level

ESC - Opens Pause Menu

Spacebar/ 'P' - Key / Middle Mouse Button Click - Toggles Pause/Play - Freezes/Unfreezes Physics

Enter - Quick Selects the Action Tool