Friday, June 13, 2008

Loading a Saved Game Profile

Click the "Load" Button from the title screen to open the Load game menu (pictured above).

The Magic Toy Chest automatically loads the last profile used to play the game. You will only need to load a profile if you need to switch to a profile other than the last one played.

The list will populate itself with all of the saved profiles on your machine. Click a profile to select it and view the saved profile data. With a profile selected, you can rename it, delete it or load it - just click the corresponding buttons.

If you have a save file that you have downloaded, emailed, or copied over from another computer, you will have to use the "import" function. Place the save file in the toy chest directory and make a note of the filename. Correctly typing the filename into the field and clicking the import button will add that savefile to the list of saved profiles.