Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Level Completed!

After putting away all of the specified toys, the "Chore Completed" Menu (pictured below) will open and inform you about your level statistics.

You can earn 1-3 stars. You will get 1 star for successfully beating the level and you can earn additional stars for beating the level's par time and/or staying below the maximum allotted actions.The Menu above displays the current Level's Par Time, Your Time, Par Actions, Your Actions, and Extra Toys. If you successfully perform under the level's par time and max par actions, you will earn an additional star that will be displayed next to your stat. If your actions and/or par time are better than your previous time/actions, you will set a new record. Only your best times and actions are saved in your profile.

When you are ready, you can click either the "Restart" or "Next" Buttons. The "Restart" button will reload the level so you can easily go for those 3 stars and that 100% completion rating. The "Next" Button will load the next level or tutorial. If you are playing the final level of a room, the Next button will return you to the level select screen.