Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Playing the Main Puzzles: Selecting a House Region & a Chore

In many cases, you can simply use the "Next" and "Prev" Buttons to select the level/chore you would like to play. These buttons increase and decrease the selected level. However, in many cases you will want to select a specific room and chore in the house. The first step is to left click on an unlocked room of the house (locked rooms are blacked out).

Clicking on a room will tack up your mother's chore list (as pictured below)
This note will identify the room and will list the 10 chores (or levels). The stars indicate the chores completion. 1 star indicates that you beat the level, 2 stars indicate that you beat the level and were either beat par time or were under the par actions, 3 stars indicate that you have beaten the level 100% and have beaten the par time and par actions.

To select a specific chore, click the "chore #" text or line on the notepad.

The selected level's title, level number, goal toy, par time, time limit, level hint, etc. will be displayed in the window to the left of the house (displayed above). If you have already played the level, it will display your best time and lowest total actions.

You can adjust the selected level by clicking the next/prev buttons. When you are ready to play the level. Click the "Play Button"