Friday, July 25, 2008

Level Editing

(click on image above for full screen)
Selecting your Toy/Tool - Your cursor will display the current toy/tool that you have selected. You can left click on any of the tools in the Editor Menu to instantly select them. You can also use the up/down arrow keys to change your current tool.
Placing Background Tiles - First select a background tile (the black tiles above the toy chest). Next use the +/- buttons in the right bar to set the tile's texture. Left click on the grid to place your selected tile. You can left click a tile to change the texture. Right clicking a tile will remove it. You can press and hold the Left Mouse Button to draw tiles across the grid.
Placing Toys/Toy Chest/Keys - Select a Toy from the Editor Menu and left click to place it in the level exactly where your cursor is displayed. You can change many toys directions by double clicking with the left mouse button on them. To remove a toy, right click on the toy or use the eraser.
Erasing - Pressing and holding the right mouse button for a few seconds will change your cursor into an eraser. Touching any object with the eraser will remove it from the field. Releasing the right mouse button will return your cursor to your last used toy/tool.
Closing/Opening/Moving the Editor Menu- If the Editor menu is in your way, you can click and drag the window or close it by clicking the x or the close button. To open the Editor menu press Spacebar. It is often helpful to select your tool, close the menu, edit your level and then reopen the menu when you need to change tools or edit lvl properties.
Changing the Backdrop - Left/Right click the Change Backdrop button to cycle through the available rooms/backgrounds for your level.
Changing the Music - Left/Right click the Change Music button to cycle through the available music for your level.